Boys shoes

Buy kids shoes for boys in online at Aviv. Check out new casual shoes for kids and ensuring best footwear for kids. New designs for boys shoes at low price.

 Aviv collections provide ultimate styles for you to buy boys shoes online from the comfort of your home, With latest trends flooding the market, it is time to choose the best style that suit on your son.  

Velcro style

Boring shoes with laces is a history now. Kids today want to experiment. Velcro style shoes are trending the market and are highly popular among boy’s shoes. It is also a preferred choice because kids can keep themselves busy with their shenanigans without worrying about their laces opening up every few hours.

Leather Material

The leather material is always in trend and the boy’s shoes made from this material are durable and will last long. Also, it is easy to maintain leather shoes with its cleaning process taking only a few minutes. Though leather is an expensive material but it is of supreme quality.

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic Leather is also a popular choice as the material is very comfortable and cheaper than the pure leather. The shoes are well padded from inside and being very comfortable on feet.

Mesh Textile

Mesh textile shoes are high in style as they have a fabulous loosely woven fabric and the small spaced holes closely packed patterns are spread uniformly on the shoes. These patterns give a whole new look to the boring shoes and are much in demand nowadays.

Laces and quirky design

Nowadays, those cliché black shoes with laces are also given a new birth with some spectacular design in the front area and higher top lines. Other than that, the shoes are also given sporty shoes look so that your kid can look a bit stylish in these shoes.

From these options, choose the boys shoes which are comfortable as well as style-driven. This perfect blend of style and comfort is what defines your footwear.



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